Raising Our Kids Near Their Grandparents Is the Greatest Gift We Could Ever Give Them

May 13, 20
Raising Our Kids Near Their Grandparents Is the Greatest Gift We Could Ever Give Them

Raising our kids near their grandparents is one of the greatest gifts we could ever give them.  Truly, it is! Science agrees, but we don’t need yet another study to prove what we already know. Grandparents are treasures unlike anyone else in our lives. So, while we’ll certainly glance at what science has to say, let’s really dig into our hearts and our childhood to find out why grandparents are so good for our own kids.


Raising our kids near their grandparents is the greatest gift of all

According to studies, raising our kids near their grandparents can be incredibly beneficial to our children’s health, teach them to respect the elderly, and even help us parents get a better night’s sleep. However, none of those things are what makes it the greatest gift of all. So, what does? Keep reading to find out.

Grandparents are a safe harbor

As parents, it’s our job to teach our kids, to mold them, to make sure they know right from wrong. When they don’t quite meet our expectations, it’s our job to correct them. Sometimes, that can make us pretty unpopular with our kids. Sometimes, it can even make them incredibly angry with us, especially if they’re particularly strong-willed kids.

While grandparents definitely want our kids to behave and (hopefully) respect us when we have to correct them, they’re not on the giving end of the discipline. So, our kids can go to them when they’re mad at us and work through those feelings. Think of our groundings as the “storm,” and grandparents as “safe harbor” from it. By letting our kids run over to grandma’s house for an afternoon, it gives everyone a chance to calm down and find perspective.


They know just what to say to make our kids feel better

As much as we try to build our kids up with compliments and praise, to them, we’re not the most reliable source of information. It’s hard to count how many times we hear, “You have to say that because you’re my mom.” Like, just because we gave them life means we’re completely incapable of being impartial. The funny thing is, grandparents are pretty biased too! Yet our kids believe it when they say, “Everything will be fine,” or “You’re perfect just the way you are.”

Maybe it’s all those years of wisdom. Perhaps it’s because they mastered the art of parenting when we were little. Maybe it’s just because that has such a soothing voice. Whatever the reason, it seems like grandparents know exactly what to say to make our children feel better about themselves and how to say it so that they believe it.

Grandparents can stand in for a parent who isn’t present

For a single parent- either by choice or by circumstance- grandparents fill a very unique role in their children’s lives. A grandfather, for example, becomes a wonderful male role model for a child who is growing up without a father. While he’s not a replacement for dad, he definitely helps ease the pain of missing an entire half of the parenting equation. The same goes for a grandmother filling in for a missing mom.


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